Police tasered senior citizen with mental disease

The Dutch police tasered a senior citizen because he misbehaved.  It is not legal to taser someone in a nursing home for eldery. That is because old people are way more weak and sensitive and the hearts of most of them are also sensitive. Some of the senior citizens have  heart problems and with a bit stress or shock they can get a serious hart attack. So it is’nt  just ‘wrong’, but it can be very dangerous too.

 It is not that dangerous for normal people. With normal people I mean healthy people that do not use drugs and  are not young, but  certainly not old too. The difference  is that the normal healthy people  can get a weak heart as result, but for senior citizens they can   get a  heart attack because their heart weakened due to time.  The police man said that he wanted to damage  the senior citizen as less as possible, but maybe he tought that he did not do something dangerous and without risks or maybe he tought ‘This man does not seem too old and I’m sure he can take a beating’. If these theory’s were correct it indicates that the training  of the police is insufficient and has to be adjusted.  Safety fail solutions or ‘rules’ are have to be very clear because then somebody may think what is allowed an what’s not?

I’m doubting if the police knows that the taser gives pulses of 50 volt. Somebody may not know that, but if they knew it the number of eldery tasering would shrink certainly. Imagine that all this problems that I mentioned would be solved there is one more huge problem that is very difficult to solve, by the way:  for each question there is an answer that is the same with problems I mean there are maybe a lot answers, but there is one the best that is why we have to stay hungry and stay foolish not only for Iphones, I mean we have to search for the best solution to a problem and never stop and say that this is the best, but maybe it’s better to put your energy in thinking of a suitable law than making a device that scans and says how old or what your mental or physical condition is. The police says that we have to let the law as it is and do not change it. I’m sure the police is’nt thinking of making a positive thing of this incident, but they don’t see that they are not going to improve the safety and justice. Maybe I mean it would not be to strange: maybe they are just trying to avoid a compensation because playing with someones health is not cheap. There have been situations were animal abusers did get serious fines. So they can expect a couple of thousands dollar. Sometimes the only solution is to stop with tasers and look for an replacer for the taser if you really want safety. A  taser fires little harpoons wich wil stuck to your skin and wil pulse you. So maybe they could invent something related which doses  anesthetic trough the small harpoons for all ages and no mater which illness they have.