Plane dropped several thousand metres because the co-pilot was vaping

The China Airlines airplane dropped several thousand metres because the co-pilot was vaping an   e-cigarette.  The co-pilot of China Airlines had certainly tought something like this :” it is a nice day to fly and lets vape now the captain does’nt see me”.  When the sensors of the plane tought they detected a fire in the cabin the plane automatically descended that is how a Boeing 747 works.

Engineers from boeing have done so much to improve plane safety, but using  it correctly is necessary for safety. If you did’nt understand what I meaned, here is another example: imagine that you are climbing on a huge mountain and you have a safety belt for if you fall, but  the safety belt’s hook is’nt  fixed. That  means that you have an safety measure, but it is totally useless because of using it wrong (using it someway that it is not made for.  The very reason that Boeing did’nt take in account that some pilot may smoke is that it is not allowed to smoke which is not strange because smoking or vaping in a plane can cause fire. A cargoplane has a very  simple and effective way of extinguishing a fire and that is by sucking up all the air and spraying toxic extinguishing agent. Which does’nt work when the fire is not a “fire”  because to name it fire it needs three items: oxygen, fuel and ignition. The most known kind of item that does’nt need oxygen to burn is that stuff on sparklers, but there is not as much trasported with sparklers as powder that rocket launchers and rockets need.Transporting this kind  of very inflamable self-sufficient stuff became  Martinair flight 138 and his passengers fatal. Back to business, a commercial plane however, cannot suck  the cabin empty and spray toxic extingtuish agent. If a commercial plane catches fire the rule is the the plane has to land as soon as possible on the nearest airport and if the plane landed everybody has to be evacuated in two minutes. Another danger is that there are less airports than in Europe there. There have been cases which the  airport was a couple of kilometres to far and the passengers just fell out of the plane because the fire had burned a large part of the  fuselage at the tail of the plane and there have even been  cases which the pilot had needed just 300 metres extra to land. By vaping an e-cigarette he does’nt just bring himself in danger, but also the passengers. Pilots vaping represents that  they are both unprofessional         and /or  dumb. They have both the common reason:  unknowledge. So if  someone is unprofessional he or she does’nt  know the very dangerous possible consequences, but if someone is dumb he or she does’nt care he knows it, but he or she does’nt understand it. Eventually the unprofessional is the most easy to ‘cure’ because if they know it they will mostly understand it too. I think that  everybody has to know that smoking or vaping increases the chance of crashing more than they tought this way, this incidents will absolutely decrease. Altough the chance is small that he vaped because he wanted to try his new e-cigarette it is not impossible.