The story behind flight BE548

The British European flight 548 ended soon after take off in disaster.  Every aviation accidents have more than one reason and this had three main fails.  A plane can get in a steep dive, but are the pilots professional enough. Lets start with the very first main reason and that is that the ambiance of the cockpit was very bad because the difference of the captain and the co-pilots ages. The captain saw them as a couple of irresponsible childs which I also would think like that about the co-pilots if I was captain Key because they sprayed graffity on the cockpit’s walls with the text:  “Key must go”; “Yes but where?”; “B.O.A.C.?”; “Any-where will do!!”; “Send Owens with him.”; “When Key dies, who will be God’s next representative in B.E.A?”; “-> You?”; “Down with Keyline management”. The second but not the last reason is that the captain had a hart attack during the flight and because he had so much pain that he was’nt able to do he’s job and he did that, he did basically nothing. The last reason is that the co-pilot saw him shouting that morning to another captain and he tought that it was better to say nothing because then he could’nt say something wrong too. In aviation you have to be careful to say everything because it is better that the captain knows that the flaps are attracted in this case. This is certainly not the only example that the co-pilot did’nt say that something was wrong because the same thing happened with Northwest Airlink Flight 5719. In the Nortwest Airlink case the co-pilot did’nt say the height of the plane so the captain tought that the plane was much higher than it actually was, but that is the reason why the plane crashed not why the co-pilot was silent and if you dig deeper you understand that there are multiple reason for the crash. In this case with the Northwest the reason for muteness of the co-pilot was that the captain shouted and critisized him. The shouting  and the critisizing scared him and he felt like he could better be silent and. Most time the co-pilots don’t realize that this is happening.