Dozens electric anklets falled out because of a telecom interference error

The electric anklets of dozens criminals were disabled because of an interference  error in a local provider: Tele2.  The fact that the government is so  dependent is not a positive thing.  If a company is dependent is not too rare but the government has to manage the the providers not to be such dependent from them in especially in important cases. There is another possibility:  the criminal or the anklet wearer could hack Tele2 in order to disable the locator. Why does someone with a anklet (and /or a criminal) want to disable it? The possible answers are: 1 to go to foreign countries 

2 to smuggle  (phrobited) stuff 3 to commit a crime. None of these possible reasons mentioned are quite safe. A suitable solution would be of course to settle up an own government provider to secure it better and to become more independent.