Earthquake in lombok took over 300 lives

You’ve probably heard of it recently: the 6.4 scaled earthquake in Lombok.   The news spread very fast around the world. Lombok is’nt a very large city if you compare it to Tokyo or Tehran for example. Lombok has over 3 million inhabitants but Tokyo  has about 10 million inhabitants. So if one of these 6.4 scaled earthquakes happened in Tokyo there would have died at least one thousand people (300*3.33).It is certainly not hysterical to think that such an quake could happen in Tokyo because thirty years ago there was also an 6.4 earthquake. Scientists are one hondred procent sure this will happen again, but they are not sure when. This is a great risk because every moment there is a chane of an earthquake. The very solution to save hundreds of   lives is to be more careful by building and designing buildings.  Making bunkers underground of a building required will help too.