life-threatening Hype caused fatal accident

A hype on internet which is to run next to a low-speed driving car is very dangerous. There could several things go wrong. To make my previous sentence more clear I will give a couple of scenarios of the accidents which could happen:  1.the driver could lose the control because of a rock on the road which comes under the tires or the driver could become  seriously dangerous distracted by the runner next to the car.

The second possible scenario is that the runner gets distracted by the driver or by the environment which is not too rare because such an  event can attract people,  alot even.  So now we know that this hype is not without danger. It is not that rare that hypes bring danger with them. Otherwise than the fidget spinner and the alien dance, the hype of running in underwear and  drinking so much alcohol that you get drunk, the second ones can be very dangerous but people still do it. The very, very, very reason for that is that it is ‘cool’ and that’s why everybody does it, but it is totally    

not cool to be dead or be injured so safety is cool. It is a pleasure to be safe and the fact that someone did invent a hype of running next to a low-speed riding car, but did’nt invent a hype of being extra careful to be safe is very strange is’nt it? (Leave your opinion on  Perhaps the reason for that is that people think safety is dumb, boring and full of ‘don’ts’. Of course that is wrong, but many people (mainly young people) think of safety in that way. To show how serious this is, google ‘safety’  what you’ll find is pictures of safety first posters, safety helmets, safety jackets and people expressing don’t do that. That is not true and the people who wrote and drew them had certainly very little knowledge about this subject.  Back to business, the big question is how can you prevent this events and there are four ways of preventing this events:  the first way is to stop the sender the one who invents this stupid hypes.

The second way is to filter it so the sender’s  message, that’s what they’re doing in Iran. The third way is to stop the receiver or encourage them to stop. The fourth option is to invent a hype ourselves which says to be more careful in a attracting way.

My opinion is that the fourth option is the best because this is the  option which is the most effective and because this is the only option which does’nt bring us closer to an isolated country like North  Korea.

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