Man steals plane and crashes it deliberatly

A man came in the plane started it up and crashed on an island near the airport. Much more is not known about this except that the man came in the plane, started it up, flew away and then crashed on an island. How could this happen? You will think how could it be that the staircase out, the door open,the key on the keyhole and that no one saw  and something?

The answer to these questions is: being not careful. We also do know that he did many stunts. Maybe he didn’t want to kill himself maybe he just wanted to do some stunts and tricks in the air. He could’ve thought that he was a professional because he played that new game: airplane simulator without any making any faults. Whatever the reason was it has to be prevented next time, but why wasn’t  the airline  careful? The answer to that very question the answer  lays maybe  in the fact it was a small local airline. Big airlines such as Qatar Airways or Air France have surely standards like that you have to lock the cabin door after flight or get out the key out of the keyhole. Small airlines especially local ones  can learn from it and make rules to prevent related events.