Crematory closed after radioactive substances were detected

A crematory in Holland  in the city of Purmerend, was closed on the 20th of July because radioactive substances were detected. After everyone  was evacuated and safe from the radioactive substances a investigation began immediatly. The  conclusion was  that a cancer-patient which had done chemotherapy  recently but hadn’t made it  was the source.  Of course this is rare, but it certainly doesn’t match the European safety standards. If radioactive substances are released people could get very bad illnesses. Humans or animals could get cancer themself. If not their genetics could become damaged which can make their children paralyzed and/or handicapped. So it may become very dangerous and you usually don’t see the effects that day or the day after that, but in a certain period you will see the effects. The only solution is if you want to stop all the risks  of crematories that you simply close them and bury them normally in the ground. The reason of my solution in the previous sentence was that crematories apart from this risk have other risks too. 1 crematories settle up big and hot fires and that isn’t completely without risks. 2 very unhealthy smoke is created when the body is burning. So the conclusion is simple: stop with cremation.