Cargobike crashed with train in Oss The Netherlands

A cargobike  with the brand Stints full of innocent young children crashed with a train that rode on a track that belonged to the Dutch Railways. Whoever the train career was, the accident shows that the standards were and are today even not sufficient enough to save the lives of  the six young people. An automatic stop system (ATS) is potentially capable of preventing such accidents.

The technology of ATS is being implemented in automative industry. The implementation may cost millions of euros for the trains but can also save lives. If we talk about safety of humans especially children lives we don’t have to take the money always in consideration do we? As suggestion I would say to the European Union Safety Commission to make ATS necessary in trains.

On internet you read that Europe is the safest an most developed place on earth that’s why it’s strange for me that this change isn’t made yet. The budget memorandum of The netherlands is like this: 284.5 billion euros income and 276.7 billion euros expense. If you calculate you’ll remark that the government of The Netherlands in 2018 had 7.8 billion surplus. So there should be a budget left to improve safety for public transportation. Apart from the failures from the popular transportation vehicle the Stint  also wasn’t  safe. To be honest: how could a object half Segway and half carriage be safe! We probably all have heard about accidents with people who stood on Segways, and we should be more careful about combination of this with a carriage to carry children. I think we have got to be more careful where we place our children!



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