Feeling safe vs being safe

Have you ever thought what safety is? What it entails? What it’s worth? Many people do not think about this, but that does not mean that it is not important to them on the contrary they think it is the most usual subject in the world. Nowadays we do not care about being safe, but just about feeling safe. Although the first one is the most logical one, it is not how we are together. We   are not logical beings we are emotional ones.  If course if you ask someone what that person finds more important they will certainly say that being safe is more important, but these words are based on logic. That is not how we are together. 

A good example is when you go to a roller coaster which I have been to quite a lot, the following happens: at the beginning you will get nervous or maybe even scared (depending on the roller coaster and your experience) and during the ride you won’t be feeling safe, although you know it is based on your logic. The feeling during a roller coaster ride is based on emotion, how we are together and how we work. So when making safe products you need to think about two things: is it safe and does it give you a safe feeling. Only then is the product truly safe because safety is not only about being safe, it is also about feeling safe. If a plane crashes it was certainly not safe, but that really does not mean that the passengers and crew were not feeling safe. For example take American Eagle flight 4184  it crashed as a result too much comfort so that the passengers felt safe. The plane was flying at a lower angle so that the passengers felt safe, but as a result of that big chunks of ice formed on the wing causing the airplane to be way less dynamic ultimately causing the death of 68 people. To be safe there needs to be an equilibrium between the two. 

Here is the link to Wikipedia crash American Eagle flight 4184.