5G : ingenious idea or a deadly source of radiation?

Nowadays many people are connected to the internet and that number only seems to increase with time. More people are connected. The world is getting smaller. It may sound nice and positive, but it has some real dark sides. I am not talking about the dark web, but the health issues involved in connecting people like that. In the developed nations, people having 3 or 4G is not uncommon because nearly everybody has it. Next year 5G is scheduled too. These networks work with radio waves. 4G works with lower frequencies, but 5G uses very high frequencies too. The upside of using many bandwidths, is that you are able to send a great deal of information to anyone on earth very fast, of course if that person is connected to the network ass well. Currently, we are exposed to 100,000,000 times as much radio waves as our ancestors were—and that is not a typo.

So, okay we are exposed to a hundred million times the amount of radio waves as our ancestors were, but is really harmful? Some scientists say no, but it is proven that this kind of radio wave does heat up objects, like your burrito in your microwave, but also bodily tissues. High amounts of this wave cause damage to your organs—and could be fatal, but it is not proven that low amounts of radio waves are unhealthy, although it is certainly not healthy. 5G has many bandwidths and produces very much radio waves. So will 5G simulate a microwave the size of the earth? There is a rumor that testing 5G in the Netherlands killed a couple of hundred birds. I do not know if it’s true, but if it is then it should not be completely harmless to humans. So in conclusion, these technologies should be tested elaborately and should certainly not be underestimated.