Cinema plays horror film for children Montreal

It was a nice day in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the children were very eager to watch the new Pokemon film, Detective Pikachu. When the film started, the projector showed the bloody horror film La Llorana instead of the funny and especially child friendly film Detective Pikachu. The once eager children were now crying—and thats understandable because the Pikachu film is rated for children older than 3 years old, while the horror film is rated all the way from 12+ to 18+, depending on the country you live in. The average is around 15+, but in Montreal the rating is surprisingly low—only 13+. The employees of the cinema were too late to prevent the children from a traumatic experience. Although the employees stopped the film midway and moved the visitors to another room, the problem was surely not solved that way. This situation could have been prevented by double checking the film and controlling the age of the customers at the door of the room where the movie is played. In my point of view, I think that these kind of situations only could happen as a cause of too little attention of the cinema’s crew and it can be controlled better by giving such cinemas a big fine.