Why sticking your head out of a car’s window could end up being lethal

Many people nowadays ride cars—in all countries and on all continents. This of course brings some hazards with them, but I am not going to talk about car accidents, but about sticking your head out of a window of a car. To understand the magnitude of this problem we must consider how many times this happens.

Unfortunately people doing this is not uncommon, many people do it, some more than others. The reason why people do this can vary: it could be to get some fresh air, but it also could be to see the landscape better for example. But not only humans do it, if you ever saw the program of Scooby-Doo then you have probably seen the dog sticking his head out of the minivan, so animals can do it as well. So it is rather encouraged than discouraged in popular television series—even for children. You can do it  many times, at least until you hit a lamppost and die. Some  people would think that that would not happen. It does happen, however the chance is very small, very small, but not neglible. A man died exactly that way, by hitting his head to a lamppost during a car ride.  Every risk small or big is too much. The remedy for this kind of safety fail is being more cautious and not doing that—for your own safety.