The future of safety

When you search on Google images for ‘future’ on the internet, you will see the picture of a rapper, but if you search ‘future (vision)’, you will see people looking ahead often with binoculars. I think that’s a very wrong exception, you don’t search for the future, you build it. It is like being hungry and having a delicious sandwich, but just looking at it. Nothing happens, but you expect it to. The sandwich would not eat itself. You can choose to eat it and not be hungry anymore, ore you can throw it away and die of hunger. Of course in reality it is much more complicated. Many things affect how we respond even things in space. In theory if you know the location and the speed of everything, you can now where it’s been. When a ball begins to roll downwards, if you now where it is and what it’s speed is, you can calculate where it will be. Imagine a particle moving in the vacuum in a one dimensional universe, you can easily calculate where it will be in x time and how it will be. The more things, or factors you add to your calculation, it gets more and more complicated. According to Heisenberg’s principle you can not now both the location and the speed of a particle at the same time because when you measure the location, you change the speed and the other way around. So the future is set in stone, but we do not have acces to it. But because we do not know what the future exactly holds doesn’t mean an intelligent guess won’t be effective. I think that the future will involve spaces greatly. The countries who have a head start, China The United States and India for example will probably be the ones who will control space. With the kind of future comes the corresponding safety.

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