Car crashes on a railway

A car crashed with a huge train  on a  calm railroad crossing. One died the other is seriously injured. This happened because the  driver did’nt pay attention to the stick on the left side. The driver just drove easy without warning over the wrong side of the way. Maybe he was drunk and  he tought that  he was riding in England. Whatever the cause was you have to remember that people can get suddenly sick or they can faint or they fall asleep. We cannot prevent that that event but we can adapt the railroad crossing’s security to humans. Until everybody has and can afford perfect working autonomous cars we have to do something like making the distance needed to brake lower by installing better brakes  and we could enter a max. speed in such environements like 25 mph. Mine opinion is that if we blame the human, it certainly will happen again, but if we do instead of blaming humans research for improvements we could  extremely influence relevant accidents. With ‘we’ I mean the professional experts from Dutch Railways for example.

This is a link to the website of one of the most professional  Dutch  Railway safety expert which we collaborate with.


How safe are autonomous cars?

You’d think that autonomous cars are safer than ordinary cars, but  striking accidents happened with autonomous cars.

I mean the Uber accident ,the Tesla  accidents and the fact that some of the batteries catched a huge fire due to the high concentration of energy.

The truth is that autonomous car are very safe, but  because of design  failures

they are suddenly dangerous. You have probably always heard that people make mistakes. That is exactly what I mean, people made  this and people programmed it. So you can see people’s mistakes back in the car’s behaviour.

There is always a chance of being  victim of an autonomous car accident, but by doing expiriments on the battery for example we could invent a cover that if the battery is starting  to catch a fire  the cover around it gets cold and the  damage to the battery is nearly nihil. I think that we are not ready for autonomous cars, true we can build an Tesla or an Uber model, but the main reason of production of autonomous  cars is that they have to increase the traffic safety.  We can build a new Tesla, but not a new human.

Is every German car brand an illegal polluter?

As you all probably know,  Volkswagen was’nt that honest   with their pollution-rate, but if you thought Volkswagen was just an exclusive ‘’incident” you were definetly wrong.  From recent analyse it was clear that Mercedes Benz also was’nt honest. You would’nt think that Mercedes would use an special software so it looked like the pollution-rate was lower, but nothing is what it seems like. Mercedes knew if it would become clear he would be losing billions like Volkswagen did. So the question is: how many other big (German) car brands  have a hidden secret? I personally think that it is’nt strange to hear that other companies like BMW, Audi or Opel do years the same in secret. My opinion about this whole thing is that we do’nt solve climate nor healthness problems this way.

Here you can read the Dutch story.