Johnson&Johnson has to pay 4.7 billion$ compensation

Twenty two users of baby powder of Johnson&Johnson got cancer.  Six of them did’nt survive.   The baby powder of the beauty giant contains asbestos. The  company knew that already in the 70’s, but they neglected it. My personal opinion is that if you produce products for children it has to be safe. So it is’nt a bad idea to make a quality mark specially for children.  I’m sure that the CE quality matk does’nt accept asbestos in baby powder. Johnson&Johnson did an absolutely wrong job, but not only Johnson&Johnson failed the quality inspection also failed.  It’s very peculair  that they did’nt find it.  It is not only the fault of Johnson&Johnson, but the  “quality mark fail” played also a great role.

Cameras British police recognised thousands of innocent people as criminals

The cameras of the British police placed near and in the stadium were the  Champions League-final in 2017was played  failed at facial recognition for criminals.

The cameras had it 92% wrong, because of that many innocent people were arrested whom missed the match. The reason for this mistake was simple: the pictures of the database were made from bad quality and therefore vague for the system to recognise.

The  simplest solution is to make pictures with a good quality of criminals.



Here you can read the story of The Guardian