Preventing noise in a hospital can save lives


If you have ever been in a hospital you know what i’m talking about: noise in a hospital.  Alarms, beeps and the sounds of walking people talking aloud. It isn’t only uncomfortable it can be very dangerous too because  it stresses people. Lying with a weak can become fatal when you become stressed because you may get a heart attack. That doesn’t mean that you have to be in the cardiology department because if you have an problem with your kidney for instance it can also have consequences to you.

It means that the problem is nearly everywhere where patients are and it also means that it nearly harms everyone. So sounds can create an irreversible event which someone dies for instance or that someone loses his or her heart or kidney for instance.  There could be several solutions to this problem.  It has be as maximum effective and it has to have a minumum prize as possible. I have thought of several solutions.   1.make less noise; don’t make unnessecary  noise and be careful to talk less hard. By obeying the first solution you would solve alot but maybe not everything and that’s why I’ve two other solutions.    2. Place cheap foam silencers around  the room and door.    3. Replacing the devices so that they stop making much sounds. I think 1 and 2 are enough save many lives and are not too expensive.

Here you can read the story on BBC.


Australian police killed aboriginal “accidently”

The Australian police killed aboriginal “accidently” in a hospital prison. Altough the official reason for his death is still unknown, it is not peculiar to say  he suffocated because he shouted eleven times. If you hear this your first question is: “How could this happen?” . Well the policemen said that if you can speak, you definetly can breathe.  Which is very wrong because  you need air to speak, but when you cannot breathe  your oxygen reservoir is limited that means that you can speak until your oxygen reservoir is empty and your brain does’nt get oxygen anymore what can lead to unconciousness. After unconciousness comes unfortunately the death if you do’nt get oxygen fast.

If you have an instinct for solving this kind of stuff you  are right because that is the first step.  I think it is clear that the police may not kill someone  by this way for any reason. Imagine that he stole hundred million dollar even then the police  is not allowed to kill him this way. In this situation the boy was arrested because he did’nt stop eating cookies. He did’nt steal it, he did’nt murder someone to get cookies and he did’nt pay  black money  for the cookies. He had buyed the cookies with fair money and he was arrested. The fact that the doctor said that does not make the situation less terrible.  Arresting someone and acting such savage for this little thing brings us to another safety fail: trouble with deciding what  still acceptable and allowed  and what is not.  The police corps agreed that it was unacceptable. There is one fact that is very interesting and shows how unfair police can be sometimes and that is that more aborginals died with such violence than others in ratio.  Everybody knows that your rights do not depend on your skin color and origin these days. Onfortunately that is exactly what you can see in the police’s behaviour. My opinion is that the police has to be more  neutral maybe by changing the police’s training because the policeman’s behaviour could be different  to another man. This behaviour from policeman  happens mainly because they don’t trust himand that is  because his appearance does’nt match theirs. So if a policeman is arresting someone far any reason he has to be careful to don’t deal damage to him or she.

You can read the story and watch the video on The Guardian’s website.