Mariner died because of a “bad prepared dive Exercise”

A Dutch mariner died in Curaçao  after he was drowned. It was a clear day in the afternoon and then some people may say : what possibly can go wrong on this day? Well, first of all that sentence is totally wrong because whenever  some risks are small, but by do’nt taking them serious the risks become huge.

So most people in car accidents  don’t die because they have had bad luck, but                   because they think that the chance is small that they crash they do’nt focus  much. In summay you can make small risks bigger, but it also works vice versa by buying a pair of glasses if you can’t see properly for example.

Back to the subject, the mariner  drowned because  the devices he used were way too complex for him and because the were not even ready to use.  When i thought a bit about it i came to an conclusion that it actually makes so much  sense, but what really does’nt make sense is why the supervisor did’nt do anything until it was too late. So if you want to keep someone or somethings safe you have to carry out some measures on time of course, but do’nt forget: prevention is better than cure.