Police tasered senior citizen with mental disease

The Dutch police tasered a senior citizen because he misbehaved.  It is not legal to taser someone in a nursing home for eldery. That is because old people are way more weak and sensitive and the hearts of most of them are also sensitive. Some of the senior citizens have  heart problems and with a bit stress or shock they can get a serious hart attack. So it is’nt  just ‘wrong’, but it can be very dangerous too. Continue reading “Police tasered senior citizen with mental disease”

Car crashes on a railway

A car crashed with a huge train  on a  calm railroad crossing. One died the other is seriously injured. This happened because the  driver did’nt pay attention to the stick on the left side. The driver just drove easy without warning over the wrong side of the way. Maybe he was drunk and  he tought that  he was riding in England. Whatever the cause was you have to remember that people can get suddenly sick or they can faint or they fall asleep. We cannot prevent that that event but we can adapt the railroad crossing’s security to humans. Until everybody has and can afford perfect working autonomous cars we have to do something like making the distance needed to brake lower by installing better brakes  and we could enter a max. speed in such environements like 25 mph. Mine opinion is that if we blame the human, it certainly will happen again, but if we do instead of blaming humans research for improvements we could  extremely influence relevant accidents. With ‘we’ I mean the professional experts from Dutch Railways for example.

This is a link to the website of one of the most professional  Dutch  Railway safety expert which we collaborate with.


Police used unjust violence: 18000 euros compensation

The police broke doors,  injured and threatened the residents. If you  want to know why, this is why : the residents of that adress had a  hemp cultivation ; that is what the police thought, but they were wrong, because  the guilty ones were the neighbors. That means that the house number was wrong. I think if you want tu use so much violence you have to be 100% sure that you did’nt choose the wrong one.

Woman badly injured after accident on kart track

The accident happened in Walibi  Holland in the Netherlands . The track is closed until it is approved that it is safe. Altough we don’t know for sure, I think it spinned around due to a sudden movement and centrifugal forces. If that was the cause they can improve it by  making the car heavier (and more stable) or by preventing that the user makes sudden movements by placing a rotation speed lock.

Here  you can read the Dutch story.