The crash that put a stop to the first supersonic commercially plane

Over a century ago in the December of 1903, the first powered airplane took off. It was made by Wilbur and Orville Wright. Also known as the Wright  brothers. The first airplane  was named ‘kitty hawk’ by the Wright brothers and it did not look like any modern airplane made by Boeing or Airbus nowadays. It had a top speed of 48 kilometers per hour, a range of 300 meters  and a carrying capacity of one passenger. In comparison the Boeing 777X has a  top speed of over 1000 kilometers per hour, a range of over 16,000,000 meters and a carrying capacity of 365 passengers. It flies close to the speed of sound, but if it flies normally then it can not break the speed of sound. The first plane to go the speed of sound was the Bell x-1 manufactured by Bell. That was in 1946. The first commercial plane to break the sound barrier was the Concorde, but what the manufacturers did not know was that it was also the last one. Sixteen Concordes were build in total, but only 14 of them actually came in to service for the airlines Air France and British Airways, the manufacturers of the Concorde. At the time of the Concorde it was something really special and it still is. The Concorde yielded British Airways a revenue of 1.75 billion Pounds. The cost were 1 billion Pounds. That’s  a 750 million Pounds profit only for British Airways. The profits were massive. Why did the Concorde end? Why were all the flights canceled? The reason is ‘just’ one crash of a Concorde in France. The first commercial supersonic aircraft came to an end because of Air France Flight 4590.

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Preventing noise in a hospital can save lives


If you have ever been in a hospital you know what i’m talking about: noise in a hospital.  Alarms, beeps and the sounds of walking people talking aloud. It isn’t only uncomfortable it can be very dangerous too because  it stresses people. Lying with a weak can become fatal when you become stressed because you may get a heart attack. That doesn’t mean that you have to be in the cardiology department because if you have an problem with your kidney for instance it can also have consequences to you.

It means that the problem is nearly everywhere where patients are and it also means that it nearly harms everyone. So sounds can create an irreversible event which someone dies for instance or that someone loses his or her heart or kidney for instance.  There could be several solutions to this problem.  It has be as maximum effective and it has to have a minumum prize as possible. I have thought of several solutions.   1.make less noise; don’t make unnessecary  noise and be careful to talk less hard. By obeying the first solution you would solve alot but maybe not everything and that’s why I’ve two other solutions.    2. Place cheap foam silencers around  the room and door.    3. Replacing the devices so that they stop making much sounds. I think 1 and 2 are enough save many lives and are not too expensive.

Here you can read the story on BBC.