Is every German car brand an illegal polluter?

As you all probably know,  Volkswagen was’nt that honest   with their pollution-rate, but if you thought Volkswagen was just an exclusive ‘’incident” you were definetly wrong.  From recent analyse it was clear that Mercedes Benz also was’nt honest. You would’nt think that Mercedes would use an special software so it looked like the pollution-rate was lower, but nothing is what it seems like. Mercedes knew if it would become clear he would be losing billions like Volkswagen did. So the question is: how many other big (German) car brands  have a hidden secret? I personally think that it is’nt strange to hear that other companies like BMW, Audi or Opel do years the same in secret. My opinion about this whole thing is that we do’nt solve climate nor healthness problems this way.

Here you can read the Dutch story.