Who dies first if robots decide

Life is getting more and more automized nowadays. This  automation is due to the robots.  They get smarter, stronger, robuster and more waterproof. This progress would not be possible without the necessary help of the  humans. The strongest computer is made by the Chinese and it can calculate 93 000 trillion operations per second in comparison the human brain which can calculate a massive 100000 trillion operations per second is the clear winner. But these numbers may change dramatically  in a hundred years considering the fast growth in the couple of years. In a hundred years with this rate, artificial intelligence will be smarter than any of us.  Their power will make them mighty and everybody know that with might comes responsibility. So what would they do when to lives of humans are in danger and only one could be saved.

The robots got many things to judge on (net worth, age, importance, and IQ).  I think that they would make a score for everyone considering the things listed above or they would treat all humans equal and just use a random generator. I think this is more fair than deciding a individual score.