The famous French and British plane Concorde  crashed into the ground, as result 109 people died. If you are curious to know why, this is why: the Concorde  crashed by a metal strip. The metal strip with a weight less than 500 grams did cut the Concorde’s wheel and the metal strip then was shooted to the tank as result there was a hole in it where fuel leaked on the hot tires. When fuel (especially kerosene) leaks, it ignites  immediatly.  Those two combinations became the Concorde fatal. After the accident there were many new improvements, if that Concorde had this improvements it would never crash.  Here are some examples of the improvements: the tires became more stronger, the tank became also stronger and they cleaned the runway after a short while. Unfortunatly because of the accident and because of the high fuel consumption stopped Concorde not so long after the accident.


You can read the  official report of the Bea (PDF).