The crash that almost detonated two nuclear warheads

It was January the 24th, 1961 in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Above the inhabitants of Goldsboro a plane was flying that was carrying two atomic bombs. Suddenly the plane broke in the sky. The pilot ordered his crew to eject at 2,700 meters. Some did manage to escape the doomed plane, but some did not. Three people died in the end. Two died as a cause of not being able to eject and the other one did not survive the ejection. The warheads however did not leave the airplane, at least not until impact. The one bomb that was found had 4 safety switches and only one was off. If that one had not been off, it would have detonated for sure. What happened with the other one? Nobody knows because it was never found again. I think we can all agree upon the fact that this situation could have ended in a disaster. This potential disaster could have been prevented in multiple ways, here are some of them: option 1: making sure all the detonators of the warhead are on the safe mode and/or option 2: transporting the detonators separately in order to make sure that they do not explode.

5G : ingenious idea or a deadly source of radiation?

Nowadays many people are connected to the internet and that number only seems to increase with time. More people are connected. The world is getting smaller. It may sound nice and positive, but it has some real dark sides. I am not talking about the dark web, but the health issues involved in connecting people like that. In the developed nations, people having 3 or 4G is not uncommon because nearly everybody has it. Next year 5G is scheduled too. These networks work with radio waves. 4G works with lower frequencies, but 5G uses very high frequencies too. The upside of using many bandwidths, is that you are able to send a great deal of information to anyone on earth very fast, of course if that person is connected to the network ass well. Currently, we are exposed to 100,000,000 times as much radio waves as our ancestors were—and that is not a typo.

So, okay we are exposed to a hundred million times the amount of radio waves as our ancestors were, but is really harmful? Some scientists say no, but it is proven that this kind of radio wave does heat up objects, like your burrito in your microwave, but also bodily tissues. High amounts of this wave cause damage to your organs—and could be fatal, but it is not proven that low amounts of radio waves are unhealthy, although it is certainly not healthy. 5G has many bandwidths and produces very much radio waves. So will 5G simulate a microwave the size of the earth? There is a rumor that testing 5G in the Netherlands killed a couple of hundred birds. I do not know if it’s true, but if it is then it should not be completely harmless to humans. So in conclusion, these technologies should be tested elaborately and should certainly not be underestimated.

Feeling safe vs being safe

Have you ever thought what safety is? What it entails? What it’s worth? Many people do not think about this, but that does not mean that it is not important to them on the contrary they think it is the most usual subject in the world. Nowadays we do not care about being safe, but just about feeling safe. Although the first one is the most logical one, it is not how we are together. We   are not logical beings we are emotional ones.  If course if you ask someone what that person finds more important they will certainly say that being safe is more important, but these words are based on logic. That is not how we are together. 

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Man ignites gunpowder in container by accident

A cameraman in Saudi-Arabia ignited a full container of gunpowder by throwing a cigarette in it during a wedding mistaking it for a bin. The bin exploded but no one was seriously injured. The true reason why this happened is that he thought the container full of gunpowder looked a lot like a bin. Accidents happen unless you are prepared. You really cannot be a hundred percent prepared, but you can be very prepared. The wedding was not as you would’ve guessed by now. The problem could have been prevented by making a sign with the text: Dangerous; gunpowder for example. Or you could solve it by just  not bringing gunpowder because I do not think gun powder has any use in a wedding. 

Who dies first if robots decide

Life is getting more and more automized nowadays. This  automation is due to the robots.  They get smarter, stronger, robuster and more waterproof. This progress would not be possible without the necessary help of the  humans. The strongest computer is made by the Chinese and it can calculate 93 000 trillion operations per second in comparison the human brain which can calculate a massive 100000 trillion operations per second is the clear winner. But these numbers may change dramatically  in a hundred years considering the fast growth in the couple of years. In a hundred years with this rate, artificial intelligence will be smarter than any of us.  Their power will make them mighty and everybody know that with might comes responsibility. So what would they do when to lives of humans are in danger and only one could be saved.

The robots got many things to judge on (net worth, age, importance, and IQ).  I think that they would make a score for everyone considering the things listed above or they would treat all humans equal and just use a random generator. I think this is more fair than deciding a individual score.

Package AH American Pancakes cut in my hand

Previous week I bought a package of six AH American Pancakes. Without realizing the the sharp edge cut in my thumb. The wound was fairly deep. Later I started to think that the package was not safe enough to prevent a big wound. Eventually the wound did go away but my determination to solve this didn’t. So my advice to Albert Heijn is that they cut off the sharp edge to prevent that children cut themselves. I also think that this is not acceptable in Europe.

Review worst aviational accident ever

Maybe you have heard of it and maybe you don’t, but the chance is very big that you have heard of it : the Tenerife accident with two Boeings one from Panam Air and one from the Dutch KLM.  The two planes collided at each other with fairly high speed which caused  583 fatal injuries.  For me it was always a question that how could this happen and make  the life of 583 people fatal? Continue reading “Review worst aviational accident ever”

Canteens defence closed because of rats in the food The Netherlands

The foods in the canteens of the defence are very unhygienic. The problem doesn’t only consist of hairs in the sandwiches or flies in the soup. There were also reports of rats in the food and fungi. The only reason is pretty simple: there was no money available. The defence recently bought two drones (combined worth over 100.000.000 euros). When I heard about this I decided that it was a good idea to write about it. For me it doesn’t make sense why you would buy two expensive drones when the people who have to control it are in a bad condition. I would recommend that the defence improves their workers health by improving their food.

Preventing noise in a hospital can save lives


If you have ever been in a hospital you know what i’m talking about: noise in a hospital.  Alarms, beeps and the sounds of walking people talking aloud. It isn’t only uncomfortable it can be very dangerous too because  it stresses people. Lying with a weak can become fatal when you become stressed because you may get a heart attack. That doesn’t mean that you have to be in the cardiology department because if you have an problem with your kidney for instance it can also have consequences to you.

It means that the problem is nearly everywhere where patients are and it also means that it nearly harms everyone. So sounds can create an irreversible event which someone dies for instance or that someone loses his or her heart or kidney for instance.  There could be several solutions to this problem.  It has be as maximum effective and it has to have a minumum prize as possible. I have thought of several solutions.   1.make less noise; don’t make unnessecary  noise and be careful to talk less hard. By obeying the first solution you would solve alot but maybe not everything and that’s why I’ve two other solutions.    2. Place cheap foam silencers around  the room and door.    3. Replacing the devices so that they stop making much sounds. I think 1 and 2 are enough save many lives and are not too expensive.

Here you can read the story on BBC.


Woman strangled by scarf in mobility scooter

A mobility scooter

A woman was strangled by a scarf in a mobility scooter in New-Zealand.  She was riding with with  her mobility scooter in cold weather somewhere with a very thick coat and a scarf when the scarf became stuck in the rear wheel  the scarf became firmer around her neck and even with the help of witnesses she died.  It was not only a great tragedy, but it represents something important:  it is not safe. Continue reading “Woman strangled by scarf in mobility scooter”