Flight delayed in Florida because a alligator came on the runway

The fact that a alligator came on the runway is’nt just unpleasant because of the delays, but it makes in the worst case the airplane crash. The main reasons why there could come an alligator on the runway is that first of all : it is Florida, Florida is famous because of the large number alligators live there. The second reason is : that the airport  consists of  110 hectares water surface. So there are many alligators hidden there. They could prevent comparable incidents by placing fences around the water.

Here you can watch the recording of a passenger on board.

Mariner died because of a “bad prepared dive Exercise”

A Dutch mariner died in Curaçao  after he was drowned. It was a clear day in the afternoon and then some people may say : what possibly can go wrong on this day? Well, first of all that sentence is totally wrong because whenever  some risks are small, but by do’nt taking them serious the risks become huge.

So most people in car accidents  don’t die because they have had bad luck, but                   because they think that the chance is small that they crash they do’nt focus  much. In summay you can make small risks bigger, but it also works vice versa by buying a pair of glasses if you can’t see properly for example.

Back to the subject, the mariner  drowned because  the devices he used were way too complex for him and because the were not even ready to use.  When i thought a bit about it i came to an conclusion that it actually makes so much  sense, but what really does’nt make sense is why the supervisor did’nt do anything until it was too late. So if you want to keep someone or somethings safe you have to carry out some measures on time of course, but do’nt forget: prevention is better than cure.

Is every German car brand an illegal polluter?

As you all probably know,  Volkswagen was’nt that honest   with their pollution-rate, but if you thought Volkswagen was just an exclusive ‘’incident” you were definetly wrong.  From recent analyse it was clear that Mercedes Benz also was’nt honest. You would’nt think that Mercedes would use an special software so it looked like the pollution-rate was lower, but nothing is what it seems like. Mercedes knew if it would become clear he would be losing billions like Volkswagen did. So the question is: how many other big (German) car brands  have a hidden secret? I personally think that it is’nt strange to hear that other companies like BMW, Audi or Opel do years the same in secret. My opinion about this whole thing is that we do’nt solve climate nor healthness problems this way.

Here you can read the Dutch story.

Transavia passengers missed deserved flight

Transavia passengers missed  a  flight; “my kids were crying”, but why did this happen? The answer to this incident is’nt quite difficult;  he had smoked in the plane and had’nt listened to the requests of the  crew to stop, at least that was wat everybody thought.  The thruth is that they had confused someone  with him and did’nt say it to him.  He does’nt even smoke so that can’t be the case. I think it is  strange  that the Transavia’s staff members did’nt say anything. I am quite sure that if they had said it to him this would be solved before the departure. I also think that they have to be more accurate because if two people look similar to each other it definetly does’nt mean that they are the same.


Here you can read the Dutch story.

Police used unjust violence: 18000 euros compensation

The police broke doors,  injured and threatened the residents. If you  want to know why, this is why : the residents of that adress had a  hemp cultivation ; that is what the police thought, but they were wrong, because  the guilty ones were the neighbors. That means that the house number was wrong. I think if you want tu use so much violence you have to be 100% sure that you did’nt choose the wrong one.

Cameras British police recognised thousands of innocent people as criminals

The cameras of the British police placed near and in the stadium were the  Champions League-final in 2017was played  failed at facial recognition for criminals.

The cameras had it 92% wrong, because of that many innocent people were arrested whom missed the match. The reason for this mistake was simple: the pictures of the database were made from bad quality and therefore vague for the system to recognise.

The  simplest solution is to make pictures with a good quality of criminals.



Here you can read the story of The Guardian

Woman badly injured after accident on kart track

The accident happened in Walibi  Holland in the Netherlands . The track is closed until it is approved that it is safe. Altough we don’t know for sure, I think it spinned around due to a sudden movement and centrifugal forces. If that was the cause they can improve it by  making the car heavier (and more stable) or by preventing that the user makes sudden movements by placing a rotation speed lock.

Here  you can read the Dutch story.




Woman is sucked out of the plane

The window which the woman was sucked out.

A  woman was sucked out of a Boeing 747 because the exploded engine parts did hit the window of that person which broke. To maintain the pressure of inside the plane and outside the plane you need to close the doors, but if you open the door in mid-air it will suck everything from inside the plane to the outside. Without  a  window it’s the same. The force that sucks objects depends on the altitude. If you are at  a low altitude the suck-force  is smaller than when you are on a high altitude.

I think this could be prevented because a long time ago nearly the same thing happened, near Hawai the roof of a plane was blown away. In that Hawai case there was also someone sucked out and killed.

Actions you can take to prevent that someone is sucked out of the window are not quite difficult, here are some examples: the most simple option is to make the airplane windows stronger that it becomes “engine explosion proof” or you can assemble a metal net that  catches people and prevents that they are sucked out.

The only positive thing  about this accident is that it proves that plane windows can brake although everybody thinks they are indestructible.


Here you can read the story  of the broken window.

Here  you can read the story of the blown roof.

Military plane crashes : 9 killed

A  Puerto Rico Air National Guard cargo plane model Hercules WC-130 crashed on Wendnesday the second of May near Savannah, Georgia, scattering fiery debris over a highway and railroad tracks, and killing all nine people aboard. There are rumors that the high age of the plane (50) was the cause, but the thruth is that it is unknown for now.  If I look at the dive,  I’m thinking it happened deliberately.

You can watch the recorded crash.