life-threatening Hype caused fatal accident

A hype on internet which is to run next to a low-speed driving car is very dangerous. There could several things go wrong. To make my previous sentence more clear I will give a couple of scenarios of the accidents which could happen:  1.the driver could lose the control because of a rock on the road which comes under the tires or the driver could become  seriously dangerous distracted by the runner next to the car.
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Man steals plane and crashes it deliberatly

A man came in the plane started it up and crashed on an island near the airport. Much more is not known about this except that the man came in the plane, started it up, flew away and then crashed on an island. How could this happen? You will think how could it be that the staircase out, the door open,the key on the keyhole and that no one saw  and something? Continue reading “Man steals plane and crashes it deliberatly”

Earthquake in lombok took over 300 lives

You’ve probably heard of it recently: the 6.4 scaled earthquake in Lombok.   The news spread very fast around the world. Lombok is’nt a very large city if you compare it to Tokyo or Tehran for example. Lombok has over 3 million inhabitants but Tokyo  has about 10 million inhabitants. So if one of these 6.4 scaled earthquakes happened in Tokyo there would have died at least one thousand people (300*3.33). Continue reading “Earthquake in lombok took over 300 lives”

Dozens electric anklets falled out because of a telecom interference error

The electric anklets of dozens criminals were disabled because of an interference  error in a local provider: Tele2.  The fact that the government is so  dependent is not a positive thing.  If a company is dependent is not too rare but the government has to manage the the providers not to be such dependent from them in especially in important cases. There is another possibility:  the criminal or the anklet wearer could hack Tele2 in order to disable the locator. Why does someone with a anklet (and /or a criminal) want to disable it? The possible answers are: 1 to go to foreign countries 

2 to smuggle  (phrobited) stuff 3 to commit a crime. None of these possible reasons mentioned are quite safe. A suitable solution would be of course to settle up an own government provider to secure it better and to become more independent.

The story behind flight BE548

The British European flight 548 ended soon after take off in disaster.  Every aviation accidents have more than one reason and this had three main fails.  A plane can get in a steep dive, but are the pilots professional enough. Lets start with the very first main reason and that is that the ambiance of the cockpit was very bad because the difference of the captain and the co-pilots ages. The captain saw them as a couple of irresponsible childs which I also would think like that about the co-pilots if I was captain Key because they sprayed graffity on the cockpit’s walls with the text:  “Key must go”; “Yes but where?”; “B.O.A.C.?”; “Any-where will do!!”; “Send Owens with him.”; “When Key dies, who will be God’s next representative in B.E.A?”; “-> You?”; “Down with Keyline management”. The second but not the last reason is that the captain had a hart attack during the flight and because he had so much pain that he was’nt able to do he’s job and he did that, he did basically nothing. The last reason is that the co-pilot saw him shouting that morning to another captain and he tought that it was better to say nothing because then he could’nt say something wrong too. In aviation you have to be careful to say everything because it is better that the captain knows that the flaps are attracted in this case. This is certainly not the only example that the co-pilot did’nt say that something was wrong because the same thing happened with Northwest Airlink Flight 5719. In the Nortwest Airlink case the co-pilot did’nt say the height of the plane so the captain tought that the plane was much higher than it actually was, but that is the reason why the plane crashed not why the co-pilot was silent and if you dig deeper you understand that there are multiple reason for the crash. In this case with the Northwest the reason for muteness of the co-pilot was that the captain shouted and critisized him. The shouting  and the critisizing scared him and he felt like he could better be silent and. Most time the co-pilots don’t realize that this is happening.

Plane dropped several thousand metres because the co-pilot was vaping

The China Airlines airplane dropped several thousand metres because the co-pilot was vaping an   e-cigarette.  The co-pilot of China Airlines had certainly tought something like this :” it is a nice day to fly and lets vape now the captain does’nt see me”.  When the sensors of the plane tought they detected a fire in the cabin the plane automatically descended that is how a Boeing 747 works. Continue reading “Plane dropped several thousand metres because the co-pilot was vaping”

Australian police killed aboriginal “accidently”

The Australian police killed aboriginal “accidently” in a hospital prison. Altough the official reason for his death is still unknown, it is not peculiar to say  he suffocated because he shouted eleven times. If you hear this your first question is: “How could this happen?” . Well the policemen said that if you can speak, you definetly can breathe.  Which is very wrong because  you need air to speak, but when you cannot breathe  your oxygen reservoir is limited that means that you can speak until your oxygen reservoir is empty and your brain does’nt get oxygen anymore what can lead to unconciousness. After unconciousness comes unfortunately the death if you do’nt get oxygen fast.

If you have an instinct for solving this kind of stuff you  are right because that is the first step.  I think it is clear that the police may not kill someone  by this way for any reason. Imagine that he stole hundred million dollar even then the police  is not allowed to kill him this way. In this situation the boy was arrested because he did’nt stop eating cookies. He did’nt steal it, he did’nt murder someone to get cookies and he did’nt pay  black money  for the cookies. He had buyed the cookies with fair money and he was arrested. The fact that the doctor said that does not make the situation less terrible.  Arresting someone and acting such savage for this little thing brings us to another safety fail: trouble with deciding what  still acceptable and allowed  and what is not.  The police corps agreed that it was unacceptable. There is one fact that is very interesting and shows how unfair police can be sometimes and that is that more aborginals died with such violence than others in ratio.  Everybody knows that your rights do not depend on your skin color and origin these days. Onfortunately that is exactly what you can see in the police’s behaviour. My opinion is that the police has to be more  neutral maybe by changing the police’s training because the policeman’s behaviour could be different  to another man. This behaviour from policeman  happens mainly because they don’t trust himand that is  because his appearance does’nt match theirs. So if a policeman is arresting someone far any reason he has to be careful to don’t deal damage to him or she.

You can read the story and watch the video on The Guardian’s website.

Police tasered senior citizen with mental disease

The Dutch police tasered a senior citizen because he misbehaved.  It is not legal to taser someone in a nursing home for eldery. That is because old people are way more weak and sensitive and the hearts of most of them are also sensitive. Some of the senior citizens have  heart problems and with a bit stress or shock they can get a serious hart attack. So it is’nt  just ‘wrong’, but it can be very dangerous too. Continue reading “Police tasered senior citizen with mental disease”

Car crashes on a railway

A car crashed with a huge train  on a  calm railroad crossing. One died the other is seriously injured. This happened because the  driver did’nt pay attention to the stick on the left side. The driver just drove easy without warning over the wrong side of the way. Maybe he was drunk and  he tought that  he was riding in England. Whatever the cause was you have to remember that people can get suddenly sick or they can faint or they fall asleep. We cannot prevent that that event but we can adapt the railroad crossing’s security to humans. Until everybody has and can afford perfect working autonomous cars we have to do something like making the distance needed to brake lower by installing better brakes  and we could enter a max. speed in such environements like 25 mph. Mine opinion is that if we blame the human, it certainly will happen again, but if we do instead of blaming humans research for improvements we could  extremely influence relevant accidents. With ‘we’ I mean the professional experts from Dutch Railways for example.

This is a link to the website of one of the most professional  Dutch  Railway safety expert which we collaborate with.


Johnson&Johnson has to pay 4.7 billion$ compensation

Twenty two users of baby powder of Johnson&Johnson got cancer.  Six of them did’nt survive.   The baby powder of the beauty giant contains asbestos. The  company knew that already in the 70’s, but they neglected it. My personal opinion is that if you produce products for children it has to be safe. So it is’nt a bad idea to make a quality mark specially for children.  I’m sure that the CE quality matk does’nt accept asbestos in baby powder. Johnson&Johnson did an absolutely wrong job, but not only Johnson&Johnson failed the quality inspection also failed.  It’s very peculair  that they did’nt find it.  It is not only the fault of Johnson&Johnson, but the  “quality mark fail” played also a great role.

How safe are autonomous cars?

You’d think that autonomous cars are safer than ordinary cars, but  striking accidents happened with autonomous cars.

I mean the Uber accident ,the Tesla  accidents and the fact that some of the batteries catched a huge fire due to the high concentration of energy.

The truth is that autonomous car are very safe, but  because of design  failures

they are suddenly dangerous. You have probably always heard that people make mistakes. That is exactly what I mean, people made  this and people programmed it. So you can see people’s mistakes back in the car’s behaviour.

There is always a chance of being  victim of an autonomous car accident, but by doing expiriments on the battery for example we could invent a cover that if the battery is starting  to catch a fire  the cover around it gets cold and the  damage to the battery is nearly nihil. I think that we are not ready for autonomous cars, true we can build an Tesla or an Uber model, but the main reason of production of autonomous  cars is that they have to increase the traffic safety.  We can build a new Tesla, but not a new human.

Smoking is worse than we think

If you read this you will probably know that smoking is unhealthy, but I’m sure  you did’nt know that it is actually 2.5 times more harmful than what the makers say.  The reason is that there are minuscule holes in the cigarette which  makes transfer of  tar to the mouth possible. I think the best option is to just stop smoking. I’m quite sure smoking has more negative effects than we know for now.

Here you can read the story.

Flight delayed in Florida because a alligator came on the runway

The fact that a alligator came on the runway is’nt just unpleasant because of the delays, but it makes in the worst case the airplane crash. The main reasons why there could come an alligator on the runway is that first of all : it is Florida, Florida is famous because of the large number alligators live there. The second reason is : that the airport  consists of  110 hectares water surface. So there are many alligators hidden there. They could prevent comparable incidents by placing fences around the water.

Here you can watch the recording of a passenger on board.

Mariner died because of a “bad prepared dive Exercise”

A Dutch mariner died in Curaçao  after he was drowned. It was a clear day in the afternoon and then some people may say : what possibly can go wrong on this day? Well, first of all that sentence is totally wrong because whenever  some risks are small, but by do’nt taking them serious the risks become huge.

So most people in car accidents  don’t die because they have had bad luck, but                   because they think that the chance is small that they crash they do’nt focus  much. In summay you can make small risks bigger, but it also works vice versa by buying a pair of glasses if you can’t see properly for example.

Back to the subject, the mariner  drowned because  the devices he used were way too complex for him and because the were not even ready to use.  When i thought a bit about it i came to an conclusion that it actually makes so much  sense, but what really does’nt make sense is why the supervisor did’nt do anything until it was too late. So if you want to keep someone or somethings safe you have to carry out some measures on time of course, but do’nt forget: prevention is better than cure.